Midnight Express

Midnight Express is a performance boat manufacturer based out of Miami. They offer a premium, high-quality product, and it was important to create all of the marketing material to encompass that. For over 5 years now we have been involved in their branding and marketing all the way from storyboarding content to distribution strategies to maximize their digital footprint and increase their ROI.

We have created content for well over 100 boats to date. We have managed their social media accounts which have shown tremendous growth, and have become an instrumental avenue for lead generation. We have analyzed numerous data points and used them accordingly for targeted advertising, and we have designed graphic work across the board for all of their marketing needs.
August 2015 – Present

Full Branding

What We Did
Photo & Video, Social, Renders, Data & Marketing


Photography has always been a core focus for Midnight Express to showcase their product, features, and lifestyle associated with their brand.


Video production provided us with the ability to show the raw power of these world-class machines and accentuate key features.

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook provide us access to an ever-growing audience and suited perfectly for sharing high-quality content. We manage the Midnight Express social platforms and use various strategies to maintain the brand and the overall growth.

• We stick to a specific posting schedule
• Share user-generated content when available
• Reply to Direct Messaging
• Use custom links to drive traffic and collect data


We use custom branded links to redirect traffic to designated pages. This offers us the ability to quantify which platforms are performing better as well as demographics associated with our audience.

• Compare various platform success
• Quantify geographical areas of importance
• Optimize for best performing times


Our services are not limited to just content. We have assisted with numerous different elements of design and branding for Midnight Express.
Graphic Design
We employed our design expertise to ensure quality and consistency across.
Email Campaigns
They are designed to help efficiently spread the company's message through newsletters.
Corporate Identity
We developed and maintained a cohesive brand identity across all channels.

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