Smartwood USA

Smartwood is a wood flooring manufacturer based in Miami. Smartwood is a game-changing product with a number of technological advantages over traditional wood floors. We fully overhauled their brand identity and marketing efforts in order to grow the brand and acquire new customers.

We create content for Smartwood ranging from product and project photography to informational video experiences. We built a new website designed to provide a more immersive user experience and generate better leads. In addition, we manage social media & blogging and design all marketing materials to maintain a consistent brand experience across all channels.
January 1, 2020 – Present

Full Branding

What We Did
Photo & Video, Social, Website, Social, Marketing


In addition to product photos, we have shot a number of Smartwood installations in both residential and commercial settings.


We shot and edited the following video to provide product information and a better feel of the brand and its message.

Website Design

Smartwood’s new website provides a hub for the brand’s story, product information, collection details, design specifications, and plenty of content.

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook provide us access to an ever-growing audience and suited perfectly for sharing high-quality content. We manage the Smartwood social platforms and use various strategies to maintain the brand and the overall growth.

• We stick to a specific posting schedule
• Share user-generated content when available
• Reply to Direct Messaging
• Use custom links to drive traffic and collect data


We carefully design Smartwood’s brochures, decks and marketing materials to create an attractive and consistent message across the board.
Graphic Design
We employed our design expertise to ensure quality and consistency across.
SEO Blogging
We wrote and published SEO-optimized blog posts to increase online visibility and drive site traffic.
Corporate Identity
We developed and maintained a cohesive brand identity across all channels.

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