FiveNine Design

Fivenine Design is a premier vehicle dealership based in Jacksonville with a long racing heritage. They specialize in unique high-end vehicles and modify them in a tasteful manner.  They have shipped cars all across the United States, and we have had the opportunity to create some content for some of their most unique builds to date.

We chose locations for the shoots that matched the vibrancy and personality of the vehicles. For most of the work, we were able to mix ambient and artificial lighting to get the right look. It was important to be able to showcase the sense of speed and performance that encompass these vehicles. The content was later used for press, social media, and their website.
2013 - 2014

Content Creation

What We Did
Photo & Video


We photographed vehicles in varying locations and times of day to be able to deliver content suited for each custom creation.


Capturing video for Fivenine Design was as much about the vehicle as it was the location. It’s important to match their personalities when telling a story.

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