Maxicon USA

Maxicon is a leader in home audio/visual installations in South Florida. Their work can be found in some of the most luxurious addresses and ranges from automated lighting/shades to custom-built movie theaters. We have used our photography and video to showcase countless projects that vary in scope and scale. This content has supported their efforts on both social media and their website.

As one of the main distributors for Lutron products in the southeast, we used our engaging content to design them a custom website that was product specific. This website demonstrated its capabilities and was designed to generate leads. We focused on specific call-to-actions throughout the website as well as a chatbot that was always accessible.
November 2015 – Present

Content Creation, Website

What We Did
Photo & Video, Website Design


Our photography is as varied as the work Maxicon creates. For over five years we have been creating unique content for this to match their needs.


Everything from drones, to gimbals, sliders, and artificial lighting has been utilized to create engaging videos for Maxicon USA.

Website Design

We designed a custom website with a user-friendly backend that was product specific and used to generate leads and drive sales.

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