Rok Lending

Rok Lending is a family-operated and funded private lender in South Florida. They specialize in commercial real estate loans and have over 50 years of experience in the field. We created their entire online presence, in fact, prior to us they did not even have a website. We created a lead generation focused website that syncs directly with their CRM and email platform.

For the 2 years, we have also created and implemented their digital marketing strategies. Google Ads has been at the forefront of ad spend, and we are constantly A/B testing their ad copy as well as landing page experience. We streamlined their funnel and automated various different avenues for them to stay on top of the ever-growing daily leads.
September 2018 – Present

Full Branding

What We Did
Website, PPC, Marketing

Website Design

We designed a custom website that syncs directly with all of their existing platforms and offers real-time commenting, heat-mapping, and A/B testing.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click has been an integral part of the marketing strategies for Rok Lending. Through our ads and landing pages, we have been able to increase impressions, user activity to the website, and lead generation.

• Keyword research in targeted regions
• Optimizing quality scores
• Increasing Click-Through Rates
• Constant A/B testing


The online presence we created, seamlessly transitions across the board for all of the design work we create for Rok Lending.
Graphic Design
We employed our design expertise to ensure quality and consistency across.
Email Campaigns
They are designed to help efficiently spread the company's message through newsletters.
Corporate Identity
We developed and maintained a cohesive brand identity across all channels.

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