Legacy Fit

Legacy Fit is a local gym here in Miami that focuses on partner workouts and high-intensity interval training. We were very familiar with the brand as some of our team have been members there for quite some time. They focus on raw power, intensity, and teamwork, and it was important to make sure our content state consistent across the board with those attributes.

We created everything from editorial work, promotional work, and athlete profiles for Legacy Fit. We were able to showcase the trainers and give the viewers a feel for the environment and what taking a class would feel like. Our photographs and videos were features in press articles, social media, and across their website to drive interest and engagement.
December 2016 - June 2017

Content Creation

What We Did
Photo & Video


It was important to showcase the element of partner workouts while still being able to showcase the raw emotion and energy that is required.


The classes revolve around loud music, quick movements, and heavy weights…it was crucial that the pace of our videos matched all of that.

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