Erase The Case

Erase The Case is a law firm in Miami that specializes in record expungement. Unlike most law firms, they specifically only deal with expungement, and it was important to get that across in the marketing efforts. They were involved with some basic campaigns and were unhappy with the results they were achieving. We created and implemented an effective strategy to drive conversions and increase ROI.

From the keyword research and their previous campaigns, we were able to effectively create various ad groups with their own landing pages. We were able to implement keyword tracking from the incoming calls as well as the lead submissions. This allowed us to narrow our focus on the most relevant keywords and assure we were not wasting any of the budget.
March 2020 – Present

Full Branding

What We Did
Website, PPC, Analytics

Website Design

We created custom landing pages that provide keyword metrics, heat mapping, lead generation integration, and A/B testing.

Pay Per Click

We maintain and manage the Google Ads account for Erase The Case. With our strategy, they have experienced more qualified leads and calls, and an increase in their ROI all without increasing their budget.

• Analyze keyword research
• Use numerous ad groups accordingly
• Get granular with the data
• Constant A/B testing


We implemented custom UTM tags and Javascript to be able to retain what keywords were being utilized when a user calls or submits a lead generation form from one of our landing pages.

• Provide full caller-id information
• Compare ad group success
• Allow keyword-level tracking
• Optimize ads for best performing keywords

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