Crafted Kibble

Crafted Kibble is a custom dog food that produces specific meals for dogs taking into account their breed, dietary needs, and exercise levels. The model is subscription-based, and we were tasked with redoing their branding and initializing all of their digital marketing efforts. We focused on new packaging and print material to be on brand and analyzed Key Performance Indicators from their competitors to have a better understanding of the market.

Starting with our new content, we made sweeping changes across their existing website, and build custom landing pages for the Google Ad campaigns to maximize conversions. We A/B tested numerous campaigns and ad groups on both the Facebook/Instagram platform and Google Ads. We also focused on retargeting campaigns and created their onboarding drip campaigns for new customers.
June 2019 - November 2019

Full Branding

What We Did
Photo, Website, PPC, and Marketing


We created unique content with dogs engaging with their product, the packaging, and the healthy ingredients that make up the kibble.

Website Design

Although certain limitations existed due to their backend, we custom coded numerous pages to incorporate a cleaner design that helped drive conversions.

Pay Per Click

We initiated and managed the Google Ads account for Crafted Kibble. With our strategy, we were able to gain market impressions and generate conversions from users who had previously not known the brand.

• Analyze keyword research
• Created competitor specific campaigns
• Social Media targeting/retargeting
• Constant A/B testing


Our services also included design work that was implemented across the board on various platforms and sources.
Graphic Design
We employed our design expertise to ensure quality and consistency across.
Email Campaigns
They are designed to help efficiently spread the company's message through newsletters.
We redesigned their packaing to be more fun and utilize green-friendly materials.

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